Get the Job Done Faster With Fewer Materials

When you are looking for a customized wall that goes up faster and uses fewer materials than traditionally formed walls, shotcrete may be the solution.

    Shotcrete Defined

    Shotcrete is not new. It has been around for decades; however, our industry is only starting to realize the benefits here on the East Coast. Originally popularized on the West Coast as a wet and dry mix shot through a two-inch hose that is blasted out of a nozzle and projected by pressure, shotcrete is form-saving or can be applied to existing structures.

    Benefits of shotcrete:

    • Customized from start to finish – Specialized finishes can be achieved, including a rough-hewn surface, popcorn effect, hard trowel finish with texture, burn finish, or even a mirror image effect.
    • Flexibility – Shotcrete work can be done in stages. We can do some of the work now and come back and finish it the next day, in six months, or longer, without the risk of any cold joints.
    • Speed of installation – Because shotcrete is projected via force into its section, there is no need for all the wood forms to confine the element being cast, which ensures the successful delivery of a high-quality product to our customers.
    • Compatibility with traditional cast-in-place (CIP) – The final product of shotcrete is the same as CIP – same strength, same reinforcement, same product – which means shotcrete can work interchangeably with CIP and offer flexibility in conveyance methods.
    • Mix design improvements – Higher strength, low permeability, and high durability due to lower slump and w/c ratio, among others.

    What Sets Us Apart?

    We currently have four American Shotcrete Association-certified nozzlemen to accomplish the work and are training more every day. Miller & Long has proven experience with shotcrete on multiple jobs.