Vice President, IT Services

Raylene Dufresne leads the Miller & Long Information Technology Department. She has spearheaded several key initiatives, including transitioning the company to a cloud-based processing system for increased transparency and reduced costs. The system is used for purchase order tracking, job site dailys, inventory, and crane schedules. Ms. Dufresne also implemented the company’s first IT ticketing system and she initiated the use of GPS technology to track fleet location and submit automatic mileage reports. In addition, she oversaw the company’s migration to Office 365, the implementation of Teams and OneDrive, as well as the upgrade of our framework. As a result of her programs — which mandated security compliance training, multi-factor authentication, the use of complex passwords, and monitoring of security risks on all devices – the company’s IT security risk has been reduced by 70%.

Ms. Dufresne has over 21 years of experience in information technology, including designing and facilitating training programs.