Executive Vice President

John Anders manages and oversees the Estimating, Preconstruction, and VDC Departments. He keeps cost controls and monitors contractual budgets versus final project cost. Mr. Anders also regularly reviews manpower and project schedules and develops forecasting of future project timelines/volumes.

He began his career at Miller & Long after high school in 1980 as a laborer at the Planning Research Corporation building in Tysons Corner, Virginia. He attended community college and the University of Maryland’s School of Civil Engineering until 1983 when he started to work full-time as a laborer. Over the next four years, Mr. Anders worked as an apprentice carpenter, timekeeper, engineer’s aide, and field engineer.

In 1986, Mr. Anders was given the opportunity to join the Estimating Department. There, with guidance from the leadership team in the main office, he developed his estimating skills. He became chief estimator in 1995, vice president of estimating in 1998, senior vice president in 2014, and executive vice president in 2019.

Also in 2019, Mr. Anders was invited to take an ownership role and to continue Miller & Long’s customer-focused leadership in the Washington, D.C., area construction market.

Since joining the Estimating Department in 1987, Mr. Anders has managed more than 1,000 projects and over $7B in awards.