Pike & Rose Block 6

Location: Grand Park Avenue, North Bethesda, MD
Architect: R2L Architects
Engineer: SK&A
General Contractor: WCS construction

Pike & Rose Block 6 is a 13 story multi-family condominium commercial & retail tower located on Grand Park Ave in North Bethesda, MD. It provides housing, a fitness area, rooftop pool, retail and will include 2 levels of below grade parking (174 spaces), and 2 levels of retail use in Phase II of the new authentic urban neighborhood in affluent Montgomery County, MD.

The project will provide 264 high-end apartments within 403,000 gsf of building not including 80,000 square feet of retail. One particularly interesting aspect related to our concrete was our use of water reducing admixture on the second floor as well as the ground floor. Our finishers had been tasked with trowling the freshly poured concrete while adding water for a smooth finish.


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