McLean Garfield

Address: 1575 Anderson Road, McLean, VA 22102
Architect: WDG Architecture
Engineer: Tadjer-Cohen Edelson
General Contractor: JLB Builders

McLean Garfield is a residential complex located at the intersection of Route 123 and Anderson Road, right inside the Beltway.  It consists of two above-grade structures.  One is 14-stories high with each level being about 20,000 SF and the other is a low-rise 5-level stick-frame structure. Both sit atop a 48,000 sf podium slab.

The garage extends across the entire footprint of the project, approximately 105,000 square feet and runs 3 stories below grade.  At grade, the transfer slab for the two structures is one of the more complex designs in the area.  Loading docks, commercial storefront area, planters and site work, garage entry ramps and the roadway running between the buildings all contributed to the difficulty factor.


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