Miller & Long Concrete Construction  

Warm-Up Program

Safety at work also includes facilitating our workers’ readiness to safely perform their work tasks efficiently and effectively as it pertains to their muscles, nerves, bones and brain! In 2012, we updated our worker safety program by incorporating the latest research on warm-up and activity readiness exercises. Similar to readying for a sports activity, we instituted updated workplace warm-up exercises that dynamically put joints and muscles through coordinated patterns of movements, simulating what our workers need in order to be ready to perform their job tasks. This program encourages a group effort to address the following specific safety factors:

  • The need to be mentally alert.
  • The exposure to varied temperatures and environments.
  • The need to facilitate blood flow and joint motion for strenuous activity.
  • The conscious muscle control needed for detailed, controlled work performance.
  • The Desire to promote joint and spinal safety concepts to facilitate long term employment.


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